Picnic for Twelve — A Family Memoir

9780988537040-cvr1-202x300I am happy to report that one of my clients has published Picnic for Twelve, a book about his parents and their growing family as they navigated The Great Depression and other events over the last century. If you are interested in the life of Irish-Americans during the 1900s, have Boston-area ancestors, or are just looking to read a cleverly written yarn, I highly recommend that you download the book for your Kindle or purchase a print copy.

I provided genealogical research support on the Driscoll and Sheehan families and read an early version of the manuscript. The author is a former editor of the Boston Globe and a great storyteller — I highly recommend this book!


Amazing Discovery

Ready my latest blog post about how my History of the Bartlett Pear Inn turned up a photographic gem related to The Hill, an historically significant African American neighborhood in Easton.

Current Projects

I’m headed to Salt Lake City for RootsTech 2012 in a couple of days. I’m working on several exciting projects in the meantime though!

First is a house history that will be a gift for someone, but once the gift is given, I should be able to share it here.

Second, I’m working on a new Album Rescue Project. I purchased two more photo albums from an antique store here in Easton and I’m trying to track down to whom they belonged, and hopefully, their descendants. The photos in these albums are attached to black paper with various types of adhesive. I’m removing them to a new photo-safe album from Creative Memories.

Last, and certainly not least, I’m helping out Historic Easton with a couple of preservation projects. Check out their new web site for more information about the group! I’ll post further updates in coming weeks.

Friends Album: Meet the Present-Day Youngs

An article ran in The Journal News of New York this morning about the return of the Friends Album to the Young family. It’s so neat to finally see the photo of Stanley Young III and his father, Stanley Young, Jr. I searched for them for so long.

It’s also really interesting to read how they are seeing familiar features in so many of those pictured in the Friends Album — it’s just as I’d hoped. In addition to the identified people in the album, it appears that still more of those in the photographs also are relatives of the Youngs.

Friends Album Post Compendium

Those who follow my blog know that I successfully located a descendant of the Young family featured in the Friends Album. The album now resides with that descendant in New York. Below are all of the posts about the album, starting with its purchase and ending with the post the day I heard from Stanley Young III.

Friendly Find

Photos 1 & 2

UPDATE: Friends Album, Photos 1 & 2

Photos 3 & 4

Photos 5 & 6

Photos 7 & 8

Photos 9 & 10

Photos 11 & 12

Friends Album: Updates

Photos 13 & 14

Photos 15 & 16

Photos 17 & 18

Photos 19-21

Do We Have a Match?

Photos 22 & 23

Photos 24 & 25

Photos 26 & 27

New Tools for the Friends Album

Photos 28 & 29

Photos 30 & 31

Photos 32 & 33

Photos 34 & 35

Photos 36 & 37

Tombstone Tuesday: Friends Album Graves

Photos 38 & 39

Photos 40 & 41

Photos 42 & 43

Photos 44 & 45

Wordy Wednesday: Friends Album Update

Friends 46 & 47

Friends 48-51

Friends 52 & 53

More Friends Album Graves

Photos 54 & 55

Photos 56 & 57

Photos 58 & 59

Photos 60 & 61

Photos 62 & 63

Photos 64 & 65

Photos 66 & 67

Photos 68 & 69

Photos 70 & 71

Photos 70 & 71

Photos 72 & 73

Photos 74 & 75

Friends Album: Checking in with the Neighbors

Sunday’s Obituary: Steel in the Eye

Investigating the YOUNGs

On the Trail of Stanley A. Young Jr.

Tombstone Tuesday: Ernest HAWLEY Sr. and Cornelia YOUNG (Friends Album)

The Friends Album Has Found a Home!